2024 Boys MVP: Brody Woodcock

2024 Boys MVP: Brody Woodcock

Brody Woodcock is a senior graduating from the historic distance powerhouse Deer Creek next year look forward to watching Brody compete on the NCAA scene for the University of Tulsa.

This season Brody achieved:

6A State Champ(1600m and 3200m)

6A State Runner-up (800m)

He has PBs of:

800m- 1:52.91 (OK #10 all-time)

1600m- 4:11.23 (OK #4 all-time)

3200m- 9:06.33 (OK #4 all-time)


How did you initially get into running?

Woodcock: I initially got into running through my Mom when I was younger. She ran a few Marathons and Half marathons so I was inspired to try running out because of her. I didn't start running track until my 7th-grade year and XC until my junior year of high school.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

Woodcock:  I played Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball.

Favorite things to do outside of running?

Woodcock: Outside of running I like rock climbing, volleyball, spike ball, ping pong, and many other little sports.

You can go on an easy run with any historical figure who would it be and why?

Woodcock: It would probably be Abe Lincoln because he looks like Cameron Langdon.

You say the secret to your success is consistent work so lets get a little synopsis of your training

What does a week of training look like for you?

Woodcock: A week of training for me usually consists of a long run on Monday followed by back-to-back workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday is usually a recovery run and Friday is a pre-meet run/shake out. Also, core and hip mobility every day.

Was there any workouts that stuck out to you from this past season? (Maybe one which you surprised yourself)

Woodcock: No single workout has really stuck out to me because I don't let any single workout define my fitness as a runner. I have bad, good and great workouts but I'd say it's been more of a goal that I try and have more good workouts than bad and great workouts. Each workout teaches its own lesson so I'd say they have all stuck out to me.

How'd you get your 800m speed? (brought to you by Schwarz)

Woodcock: I got my 800 speed by learning from the very best, aka Tyler Schwarz. He's pushed me in the speed department every single day on every single workout because he's so damn fast. No matter what 200 rep or last 400 rep we're on in a workout I can always expect to see Tyler Schwarz either in front of me or beside me pushing me to the max.

Favorite DC xc athlete to go on a run with?

Least favorite DC xc athlete to go on a run with?

Woodcock: It's hard to be too specific on who I love running with, if  I had to say it would probably be everyone. I love all of my guys and whenever the whole team runs together on our recovery runs we have great conversations and it's lots of fun. My least favorite athlete to run with is nobody in particular but I dislike running with people who constantly kick my feet on runs.

If you could give a piece of advice to an incoming HS freshman that would set them up for a successful career what would it be?

Woodcock: Buy into your coach's training and be coachable. My mindset has been built around my coach's ideology and I've put everything he has given me to work. One of many things I've learned from Coach Riden, that I want to leave with you all, is that in life there will be those who fail and those who are too scared to. Be the person who is willing to fail. Failure > Fear

As an athlete who has had a successful career at Deer Creek, why do you think Deer Creek has maintained success for so long?

Woodcock: I haven't been around to witness it for as long as many of the other guys on the team have, but I know just from being there for the short time that I have that it's because of the love and respect that everyone on the team has for Coach Riden. Someone like him is irreplaceable like the sun. He is what our whole team revolves around and without him, there would be no tradition of character and excellence. He's taught us so much and has created many wonderful men and women through the DCXC program. One of the many things I've noticed is that no matter what age they are, past Deer Creek runners always come back and support the ones who have come after them. This can be credited to the love they have for Coach Riden and the home he has created for all of us in his heart. It's not that we drink different water or take steroids that makes DCXC so good. Instead, it's our love for each other and our love for Coach Riden that makes, and will continue to make, the program of DCXC forever successful.