2024 Girls MVP: Bella Nelson

2024 Girls MVP: Bella Nelson 

Bella Nelson is a junior at Owasso running everything from the 4x4->3200m. Bella plans to run for Oklahoma State University after the conclusion of her senior season. In the meantime, Bella will look to challenge a few records and win some more medals in her final season! 

What she accomplished this season:

6A state Champ (800m and 1600m)

Her PBs:800m:
2:09.59 (OK #3 all-time)

1600m: 4:51.76 (OK #3 all-time)

3200m: 10:58.74 (OK #12 all-time)

How'd you initially get into running?

Nelson: Well I have been around this sport my entire life, so I have always had an interest in running even as a little kid! I started running in middle school but really started competing in high school!

Biggest difference between training in Colorado Vs Oklahoma?

Nelson: It would have elevation vs humidity and the other thing would be terrain!

What does a typical week of training look like for you?

Nelson: I have lifting Mondays and Wednesdays. Speed day Monday. Workouts on Tuesdays and Fridays. Then easy runs with the team on Wednesdays. Since meets are usually on a Friday we do pre meet on Thursday.

Favorite type of workout to do and why?

Nelson: VO2 400 repeats! Because it is a good confidence booster!

Least favorite type of workout and why?

Nelson: 1k repeats because it is an awkward distance to pace correctly

What is the biggest factor you attribute your success to?

Nelson: Get a lot of sleep, go hard on workout days and easy on easy runs!

Favorite thing to do outside of running?

Nelson: Pickleball 100%

If you could give an incoming HS freshman one piece of advice to help them navigate HS running what would it be?

Nelson: To just have fun! Once you stop having fun it makes the sport so much harder. 

If you had to pick one person to represent the human race if aliens were to invade, who would it be and why?

Nelson: Coach Collins because he can definitely speak alien language.

If you could be just as good at a different sport as you are at running, what sport would you choose?

Nelson: I would definitely do soccer!

This was a great year for Oklahoma girl's distance running. Who is your favorite girl to compete against? 

Nelson: There are so many amazing girls that I have gotten to compete with! But if I had to choose one it would be Gentry Turner! GO POKES 

And which of your competitors would you choose to be stranded on a deserted island with and why?

Nelson: Rachel Cornell because we would make an awesome fort