2024 State Meet Preview Class 2A

2024 State Meet Preview Class 2A

Order Of Events


(Inclement weather may impact starting times)


9:30 (2A-4A-6A) Boys, Girls High Jump

9:30 (A-3A-5A) Girls, Boys Long Jump

9:30 (2A-4A-6A) Boys, Girls Shot Put

9:30 (A-3A-5A) Girls, Boys Discus

9:30 (2A-4A-6A) Girls, Boys Pole Vault


9:30 (A-3A-5A) Boys, Girls High Jump

9:30 (2A-4A-6A) Boys, Girls Long Jump

9:30 (A-3A-5A) Girls, Boys Shot Put

9:30 (2A-4A-6A) Boys, Girls Discus

9:30 (A-3A-5A) Girls, Boys Pole Vault


8:00 a.m. Implement weigh-in

8:45 a.m. Coaches meeting

9:00 a.m. Track opens for 3200 meter runners only (G & B)

9:45 a.m. 3200 Meter Run - Girls, Boys (Final)

11:00 a.m. Track opens for Boys warmup

11:30 a.m. Track opens for Girls warmup

12:30 400 Meter Relay - Girls, Boys (Preliminary)

1:10 3200 Meter Relay - Girls, Boys (Final)

2:05 100 Meter High Hurdles 33" - Girls (Preliminary)

2:15 110 Meter High Hurdles 39" - Boys (Preliminary)

2:30 100 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys (Preliminary)

2:50 400 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys (Preliminary)

3:30 300 Meter Low Hurdles 30" -Girls (Preliminary)

3:45 300 Meter Low Hurdles 36" - Boys (Preliminary)

4:00 200 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys (Preliminary)

4:20 Academic State Champion Presentation

5:25 800 Meter Relay - Girls, Boys (Final)


8:00 a.m. Implement weigh-in

10:30 a.m. Track opens for Boys warmup

11:15 a.m. Track opens for Girls warmup

12:30 400 Meter Relay - Girls, Boys

12:50 800 Meter Run - Girls, Boys

1:10 100 Meter High Hurdles - 33" - Girls

1:20 110 Meter High Hurdles 39 - Boys

1:35 100 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys

1:45 Academic State Champion Presentation

2:05 400 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys

2:25 300 Meter Low Hurdles 30" - Girls

2:40 300 Meter Low Hurdles 36" - Boys

2:55 200 Meter Dash - Girls, Boys

3:10 1600 Meter Run - Girls, Boys

3:50 1600 Meter Relay - Girls, Boys

4:35 Team Awards Presentation

Team Prediction


1st Hooker

2nd Fairview

3rd Wynnewood

Why: Hooker is the defending champs with a history of getting it done when it matters most. They have the #1 4x4 and 4x8. Strong contingent of athletes across the board with 19 possible scoring opportunities. Nobody has a chance to score more. Fairview is my number two, again on the backs of strong relays but with a more sprint heavy team. Sprints have less margin for error and in the chaos of state you need reliability. 


1. Hooker

2. Fairview

3. Stroud

Hooker is too deep and too strong in the relays. I can't see them losing unless they have a nightmare of a state meet. I think them sweeping the relays is likely and its hard to beat those 80 points plus whatever individual points those athletes score. Fairview has a strong team and very underrated, they have the ability to score in a variety of events and if [Insert expletive] hits fan for the Bulldogs I'd pick Fairview to swing in for the win. Stroud third, I think Peyton Davis could account for 30 plus another 18 on their 4x200m which I believe could set them up to be around 3rd.




In the boys 100m the seeds are slightly deceiving. Caden Knighten is your favorite in the 100m he has a seasons best of 10.51 and no one else has run below 10.87 this season. In the 100m a lot can happen in such a short window but I trust Knighten to get it done here and score a big 10 points for Wynnewood. Keep an eye out for Felix Teal to still come across for second. He seems to be putting it together perfectly with a seasons best at the regional meet for the Tigers of Laverne.


Unlike the 100m the 200m could go to one of the following two guys. First Easton Hamar of Fairview High he is the top seed and fastest time in 2A on the year. I also like that he's the #2 400m man and that strength could pay off in the last few meters to decide the title. Next best odds go to James Beasley he is only .07 seconds behind Hamar in seasons best but he has better 100m speed and if he can get a jump on Hamar at the start maybe he can build an insurmountable lead that could yield him a gold metal. 


In the boys 400m you have 3 guys sub 51 seconds all running their best marks at the regional meet. I'd bet on Walker Chandler as he has .5 a second on the field and is only in individual events whereas the other two will have relay legs to attend to during the meet. I won't count out Easton Hamar or Jayden Perkins to steal the top of the podium if the race falls into their hands.


I want to be the homer and choose my boys from Mooreland to get it done and go 1-2 in this event. However we cannot forget about Brayden Cowan of Watonga. He has run 2:00.89 and has proven his ability to get it done in championship races. Reece Hensley is a phenomenal talent but is not as consistent of a performer as Cowan but if anyone could pull a fast one on Cowan in the closing meters its Hensley. I think Cowan is a lock to win the 3200m the day before but could come in a bit fatigued if he has to race the 3200m at full tilt. Hensley will only have the 4x800m the day before and although Mooreland has 2 stud legs their other 2 may not be able to keep them in strong contention causing the Bearcats to come up short. Hensley may be energized by the team coming up short. Give me Hensley at the tape but this won't be the last we hear of Cowan for the 2024 meet *Foreshadowing*


Again some deceiving seeding in this event. Although Reece Hensley is the top seed and I do believe in his ability to place highly, Koulter Drake of Warner has the fastest PB by 13seconds. Assuming he goes for it I could see him blowing the field open and only one man in this field has the ability to go with that pace. Give me Brayden Cowan to weather the storm and pull off the upset with both men running in the low 4:30s possibly under. 


I believe this is a three horse race. First Koulter Drake who has the fastest seed time and the best 1600m chops in the field. Second, Bly Frieouf of Tonkawa who has the fastest seasons best of 10:13. Third, Brayden Cowan who is the XC state champ and is a 2 flat 800m man. Cowans combo of strength over the 5k on grass and speed over the 2 lap distance makes him my pick to win the 3200m. I also believe the time will be in the 10flat or slightly below neighborhood.


Two man show down in this one first Bryce Collins of stroud who has a 15.61 seed time but Logan Tacker has a quicker seasons best of 15.25. I could see this coming to a lean or with one of the two falling in the heat of battle if they try and match the others race plan and end up blowing their normal rhythm apart.


Top 4 seeds all ran within a half second of each other at the regional meet this could be anyone's race. Give me Gunnar Holder to get it done as he has run 41.98 during the regular season comes in as top seed. A dark horse to watch out for is Sawyer Davidson who comes in with only the 5th best seed but has the second best seasons best of 42.3.


Over 5.5ft farther in the shotput is a gap that seems almost too good to be true. Mason Valliere is about as sure of a lock as anyone at the 2a state meet. His seasons best prior to regionals was only 51-9 which would still give him an 8 inch advantage over Hayden Chaffey but if Valliere doesn't have as good of day as he did at regionals and Chaffey pops off a big one we could see an upset. Although the chances are low, I like rooting for chaos.


The discus also has Mason Valliere as a big favorite. He has almost 5 feet on second and assuming clean sheets for all I don't see the gap closing but in the windy state of Oklahoma. Chaos may ensue and if Valliere has a throwers nightmare and fouls his attempts look for Dominic Grein and Hayden Chaffey to play cleanup.

Long Jump

Jarren Cargil had himself a day at his regional meet setting an almost 2 foot personal record of 21-10.25 and if he can summon that again he'll surely take a state title home. If he jumps closer to his previous best it could be any mans competition with a slew of guys all in that 20 to 21 foot range. 

High Jump

The boys high jump will almost certainly come down to who can maintain a cleaner sheet. I won't even dare pick a winner because genuinely 13 of the 21 entered could win. If any of the athletes or coaches are reading this I wish you the best of luck. Luck may be the deciding factor.

Pole Vault

Andrew Clovis had the best mark in 2a heading into Monday (13-4), No one else had jumped over 12-0. Three man managed to PR by a 1.5ft plus. Could Clovis's consistency lead to a title or will some new found confidence catapult a Logan Tacker or Carter Mccain to a state title?


Clean handoffs are the key to a successful 4x100m and if Hooker replicates their race from regionals they will get a cool 20 piece of points to add to their title defense. This is Wynnewoods only chance at double points and they have the one man in 2a who could possibly catalyze an upset. If they can give the baton to Caden Knighten with even a slight chance 10.52 speed may yield an upset!


Relay Team A43.80Hooker High School
Relay Team A44.42Wynnewood High School
Relay Team A44.46Davis High School
Relay Team A44.63Fairview High School
Relay Team A44.69Merritt High School
Relay Team A44.70Hominy High School
Relay Team A44.87Minco High School
Relay Team A44.89Hobart High School
Relay Team A44.99Liberty High School
Relay Team A45.15Carnegie High School
Relay Team A45.15Velma-Alma High School
Relay Team A45.25Okemah High School
Relay Team A45.40Ketchum High School
Relay Team A45.42Crescent High School
Relay Team A45.55Colcord High School
Relay Team A45.61Warner High Schoo


Another 2 team battle in the 4x200m sure to be a close match-up. Both Liberty and Hooker have two entered in the open 2 but Hooker has 2 guys in the top half of the qualifiers where Liberty's 2 are a bit further back. I still think it'll be close and I would almost bet that the winning time will take less than 90sec. 


Relay Team A1:30.25Liberty High School
Relay Team A1:30.69Hooker High School
Relay Team A1:32.64Merritt High School
Relay Team A1:33.32Hennessey High School
Relay Team A1:33.35Okemah High School
Relay Team A1:33.65Hominy High School
Relay Team A1:34.12Laverne High School
Relay Team A1:34.14Ketchum High School
Relay Team A1:34.61Crescent High School
Relay Team A1:34.64Carnegie High School
Relay Team A1:34.70Minco High School
Relay Team A1:35.09Wynnewood High School
Relay Team A1:35.20Stroud High School
Relay Team A1:35.28Colcord High School
Relay Team A1:35.52Hobart High School
Relay Team A1:36.89Coalgate High School


Give me Hooker to cap a title run. 


Relay Team A3:27.11Hooker High School
Relay Team A3:31.87Fairview High School
Relay Team A3:32.07Hennessey High School
Relay Team A3:32.47Liberty High School
Relay Team A3:34.05Watonga High School
Relay Team A3:35.36Velma-Alma High School
Relay Team A3:36.45Hobart High School
Relay Team A3:36.96Warner High School
Relay Team A3:37.26Colcord High School
Relay Team A3:38.82Tonkawa High School
Relay Team A3:39.43Chelsea High School
Relay Team A3:40.79Laverne High School
Relay Team A3:40.80Carnegie High School
Relay Team A3:43.30Central High School
Relay Team A3:43.36Minco High School
Relay Team A3:48.22Merritt High School


Hooker is the xc champs but Laverne kept it close at the regional meet. Mooreland is a big dark horse here and although they lost by 9 seconds at the regional. They have the strongest two man combo with Jackson Crotts and Reece Hensley both have 2:02 or better PB's. Their lead off man is a 400m qualifier in Quintin Whisennand who if he can just ride the other teams coat tails he can set the Bearcats up for their first 4x800m title in 5yrs. 


Relay Team A8:23.65Hooker High School
Relay Team A8:23.87Laverne High School
Relay Team A8:32.18Mooreland High School
Relay Team A8:40.91Tonkawa High School
Relay Team A8:48.91Carnegie High School
Relay Team A8:52.72Christian Heritage Academy
Relay Team A8:58.21Okemah High School
Relay Team A9:02.12Warner High School
Relay Team A9:03.09Wyandotte High School
Relay Team A9:07.54Riverside Indian School
Relay Team A9:07.66Chelsea High School
Relay Team A9:09.73Savanna High School
Relay Team A9:14.41Hobart High School
Relay Team A9:18.04Merritt High School
Relay Team A9:20.82Fairview High School
Relay Team A9:21.60Oklahoma Union High School



Give me Peyton Davis (Stroud) she has .3 on the field and although that may not sound big its a visible gap in the 100m. She also has a great history of getting it done when it counts. If Ashtyn Warford can summon her personal best she can make it interesting but I don't love seeing that she only managed a 13.38 qualifier. Volatility isn't what I like to see in the 100m.


Double the distance double the gap, I get this isn't interesting but it is honest. Give me Peyton Davis (Stroud)


Analisee Gonzalez (Hooker) *check the bottom* is the only girl sub 60 and with almost a full second on Walters own Kayla Meason. I'd place my bet on the Bulldog of Hooker to take home 400m glory but if for some reason she falters the only one I'd pick to clean it up would be Meason and her 800m strength.


Kamryn Baggs rules 2A distance running on the girls side. I think she could pull off a 3 peat and on her second leg of the journey she'll have a tough challenge from Hallie Kinion of Gore who has a breakout season setting PRs in multiple events from 400m-3200m making her a contender in her final year. I still believe Braggs pulls it out but it won't be easy.


Give me Kamryn Baggs to conquer the 2a 1600m in her only season in the division. As good defending champ as Miley Holt is I still don't see her closing that gap unless Baggs is too cooked from a tough 800 early in the day. If that is the case a Holt summons last years form it'll be a heck of a battle for the final individual title of the meet.


Miley Holt has improved her stregth over 3200m but I believe this race will look similar to the cross country state meet with your podium being Kamryn Baggs 1st, Daigan Miller 2nd, and Holt coming up for 3rd but in a close battle between the trio. 


A wild story line in this event is the notable absence of Madison Easley (Pawhuska) who has led the 2A division this year at 14.39 almost a 1.5 sec gap over Strouds Ace Peyton Davis. With Easley not qualifying give me Peyton Davis making a strong case for meet MVP. 


With a 2 second advantage on the field I don't see Quincie Chunestudy losing... as long as she clears all 10 hurdles smoothly she should be able to easily secure the title. 


Unlike the men's side the women's side is wide open. The title was vacated by Mincos Julie Hoeher which she only narrowly secured over Okemahs Raven Deere who only has the 8th best seed. Matti Tucker of Pawnee and Annika Pittman of Wynnewood both enter as the top seed. However Tucker has thrown 38 feet this season the best of any athlete in the field by 2 feet.


Savannah Coblentz dominated in the regional qualifying with her best of 120-06 and I foresee her maintaining her hot streak and bringing home a state title.

Long Jump

Only an inch and a quarter seperate the top 2 seeds in this event. Jaycie Nichols is the top returner but was only 5th last year in 16-04. Dani Kowalik of Empire has made some major improvements over the last year as she was only 11th last year but has managed to surpass the rest of the returning ladies. I'm going to say the Cinderella run will continue and Kowalik will leave Western Heights a champion.

High Jump

Avery Lawhorn qualified comfortably with a mark 5in below her best. She is the only one to jump above 5-06 heading in. Although interestingly Sophia Calistro (Savanna) and Bryanna Vanciel (Savanna) allegedly jumped 5-10 at their conference meet despite never jumping above 5-0 before. I question the validity of the marks because jumps like that don't happen in the high jump.

Pole Vault

Kylee Bell (Cresent) the only 2a girl to clear the 10-0 failed to qualify leaving the door open for the likes of Jazzmine Pinto or Cassidy Parsons to slip in for the win. Both  qualified at 9-0 but pinto has cleared 9-0 multiple times this outdoor season and with that consistency she's my pick to win.


Again clean handoff are the big key in the 4x100m less than a second seperate the top 4 and one bad hand off could spell disaster. Give me Hooker though as they bested Merritt at regionals by over half a second.


Relay Team A50.90Hooker High School
Relay Team A51.45Merritt High School
Relay Team A51.46Pawhuska High School
Relay Team A51.74Hobart High School
Relay Team A51.94Allen High School
Relay Team A51.94Cashion High School
Relay Team A51.99Fairview High School
Relay Team A52.27Hominy High School
Relay Team A52.40Colcord High School
Relay Team A52.53Davis High School
Relay Team A52.56Minco High School
Relay Team A52.64Quapaw High School
Relay Team A52.89Sayre High School
Relay Team A52.98Mooreland High School
Relay Team A53.02Afton High School
Relay Team A53.64Chelsea High School


Hooker has 2 second advantage on the field and I don't see that closing unless Stroud didn't run Peyton Davis (Stroud) at regionals and she'll be on the track at state. I get one athlete doesn't win a relay but she is good enough to cut into the gap.


Relay Team A1:46.14Hooker High School
Relay Team A1:48.52Stroud High School
Relay Team A1:49.70Cashion High School
Relay Team A1:50.93Fairview High School
Relay Team A1:50.98Merritt High School
Relay Team A1:51.18Davis High School
Relay Team A1:51.52Colcord High School
Relay Team A1:51.54Mooreland High School
Relay Team A1:51.85Chelsea High School
Relay Team A1:51.93Allen High School
Relay Team A1:52.28Warner High School
Relay Team A1:52.66Wynnewood High School
Relay Team A1:53.04Minco High School
Relay Team A1:53.43Choteau-Maize High School
Relay Team A1:53.59Hominy High School
Relay Team A1:53.59Hobart High School


Hooker. That was easy.


Relay Team A4:09.22Hooker High School
Relay Team A4:17.45Fairview High School
Relay Team A4:18.45Okemah High School
Relay Team A4:18.63Cashion High School
Relay Team A4:19.08Tonkawa High School
Relay Team A4:19.54Warner High School
Relay Team A4:21.25Pawhuska High School
Relay Team A4:24.25Snyder High School
Relay Team A4:24.42Chelsea High School
Relay Team A4:24.92Stroud High School
Relay Team A4:27.88Davis High School
Relay Team A4:28.66Mooreland High School
Relay Team A4:28.79Minco High School
Relay Team A4:28.88Velma-Alma High School
Relay Team A4:29.50Walters High School
Relay Team A4:31.12Merritt High School


This will be a battle but I'll keep it short. Hooker has a winning pedigree and it would be an upset if Okemah pulled off the W.


Relay Team A10:23.04Hooker High School
Relay Team A10:23.74Okemah High School
Relay Team A10:32.17Velma-Alma High School
Relay Team A10:32.37Fairview High School
Relay Team A10:33.20Oktaha High School
Relay Team A10:33.87Laverne High School
Relay Team A10:35.56Snyder High School
Relay Team A10:45.00Tonkawa High School
Relay Team A10:48.15Chelsea High School
Relay Team A10:50.74Oklahoma Union High School
Relay Team A10:58.80Cashion High School
Relay Team A11:01.91Minco High School
Relay Team A11:17.16Morrison High School
Relay Team A11:19.68Carnegie High School
Relay Team A11:21.02Wright City High School
Relay Team A11:23.60Central High School