Potential State Record Chasers

Potential State Record Chasers

Here is a list of all the Oklahoma state records that I could see possibly going down this 2024 track season. 

Zac Black's 4:09.74 1600m (2016):

With Brody Woodcock running 4:11 and Noah Thayer's 4:13, if these two athletes face off on a good day then we could see a potential state record go down. I see the state meet as a good opportunity. Both are from 6A schools, and maybe we see a 3rd athlete get in the mix to push them to even faster times. 

Justin Nobles/Quintell Wilson's 1:51.70 800m (2007/2016):

As it stands right now, Trae Baker is your favorite to set a new state record in this event. Despite this, I do think there is potential amongst the 6A competition to also contend for a potential state record. If Baker's 800 is fast in 5A at his state meet, then he definitely has a shot. As for 6A, if a handful of athletes come through the first 400 in 54 at state, then it is possible that the state record could go down. 

Derrick Locke's 25-04.75 Long Jump (2007):

With Niqualas Chew jumping 24-08 this last weekend, I could see him having a real shot at this state record. He does have some ground to make up, but I do see a universe where he breaks it this season.

Ally Ryan's 2:09.28 800m (2017):

In recent years we have seen a few athletes come very close to this mark. Specifically, Payton Hinkle, Deborah Mazzei, and Bella Nelson. Two of these athletes are well into their collegiate careers, but Nelson, a senior from Owasso, still has time to break this record. At last year's state title, she ran 2:09.93. This mark put her close to Ryan's, and with another fast year for 6A girls, I could see Nelson breaking this record. 

Liesel Kehoe's 10:30.30 3200m (2022):

This is a record that I could mainly see two athletes contend for this season. The first being Gentry Turner who already ran 10:38.61. And the second being Bella Nelson, who hasn't ran a 3200m yet this year, but with a fast 5k personal best and a sub five mile, she definitely has a shot at it.

Kylie Spurgeon 173-02 Discus (2007):

Kat Meacham has thrown 167-3 this season. She still has some ground to make up, but with over a month left in the 2024 season, I see it as very possible for her to break the state record.

As always, thanks for reading. We at Milesplit Oklahoma are excited for the rest of this 2024 track season and look forward to meeting more of you!

- Shawn Rutledge