2024 OK High School Indoor Championship: Sprints

2024 OK High School Indoor Championship: Sprints

The Boys 60m has 7 entries seeded below 7 seconds with only 6 moving to the final at 3:45pm. Lane three is the heavy hitters lane with your top athletes in each preliminary heat. The top 10 athletes looking to solidify there spot in the 6 man final include:

  1. Ashton Cunningham (Tulsa Union High School 6.83)

  2. Allen Thompson (Western Heights 6.90)

  3. Aaren Underwood (Classen High School 6.90)

  4. Damontre Patterson (Sulphur High School 6.96)

  5. Grant Mohler (Bixby High School 6.99)

  6. Kayleb Barnett (Broken Arrow 6.99)

  7. Devon Jordan (Tulsa Union High School 6.99)

  8. Boston Carrasco (Tulsa Union High School 7.04)

  9. Ayden Christiansen (Jenks High School 7.05)

  10. Caleb Hollis (Dickson High School 7.10)


The Girls 60m Dash has 18 heats of prelims beginning at 12:20pm, with a top 6 final set to go at 3:05pm. There are plenty of athletes looking to have a shot at the final. Here are the top ten athletes based off of seeded times.

  1. Peyton Davis (Stroud High School 7.55)

  2. Alexis Cavin (Unattached 7.75)

  3. Lilly Ray (Unattached 7.78)

  4. Jordan Atkinson (Unattached 7.79)

  5. Campbell Barta (Bartlesville High School 7.87)

  6. Mahala Smith (Dickson High School 7.90)

  7. Zoey Battles (Santa Fe High School 7.91)

  8. Saylor Woulfe (Dickson High School 7.94)

  9. Addison Bailey (Dickson High School 7.95)

  10. Nia Moore (Santa Fe High School 7.96) 

There are 23 heats of prelims for the Boys 400m Dash, with a top 5 final set for later in the day. There are plenty of fast times already ran by many of the athletes in these heats, but the athletes leading the charge with sub 50 seedings are Daijon Gaines (Tulsa Union High School 49.22), Henric Vanderveldt (Edmond Memorial High School 49.39), Jerek Watie (Tulsa Union High School 49.75), and Carmello Williamson (Nathan Hale High School 49.97). Look for these athletes and many others to contend for a finals spot. 

The Girls 400m Dash is set to go right after the boys 400m prelims wrap up. There are 24 heats scheduled for this event with a handful of sub 60 seedings. The athletes seeded in under 60 are Jakaela Hearn (Idabel High School 56.00), Rachel Cornell (Jenks High School 56.69), Alyssa Little (Broken Arrow High School 57.27), Daijah Gaines (Tulsa Union High School 58.29), Dion Hasley (Western Heights High School 59.00), Grace Blacet (Tulsa Union High School 59.01), and Ayanna Liggens (Ardmore High School 59.92). Look for these athletes to contend for the top 5 final later in the day. 

The Boys 200m Dash has 28 prelims with a top 5 final. There's many athletes running in the range of 22 seconds, but two athletes have separated themselves from the rest. These athletes, Gage Spencer (Bristow High School 21.70) and Devon Jordan (Tulsa Union High School 21.93), are set to try to improve on their personal bests and inch farther down in the 21s. With the intensity of the 200m race, the battle to make the final will certainly be one to watch, as there are an abundance of quick times seeded in all of the heats. 

In the Girls 200m Dash there are 26 preliminary heats and a 5 person final later on in the meet. Leading the fastest seeded times of the group is Lilly Ray (Unattached 24.29). Outside of Ray, there are multiple athletes running in the 25 second range, so look for a fast final.

The Boys 60m Hurdles is made up of 6 heats of prelims starting at 11am before the top 6 move on to the final set for 2:50pm. Below are the 10 athletes in contention for the final based off of seed time.

  1. Damion Marshall (Union High School 8.25)

  2. Sam Strauss (Edmond Memorial High School 8.29)

  3. Aidan Edwards (Unattached 8.33)

  4. Caden Green (Unattached 8.35)

  5. Dean Mccune (Jenks High School 8.42)

  6. James Duncan (Unattached 8.50)

  7. Sukyiahre Rucker (Edmond Memorial High School 8.60)

  8. Kedan Johnson (Broken Arrow High School 8.74)

  9. Sonny Proctor (Unattached 8.76)

  10. Curtis Miller (Norman North High School 8.82)

With the final only allowing 6 athletes to get in, these prelims are set to be fast. Look out for the above athletes to solidify their spot in the final.

The Girls 60m Hurdles will have 7 heats of 6 athletes with the first gun expected to fire at 12:40pm. Top 6 times will move to the final. Lane 3 in each heat include the girls most likely to comprise the final heat at 3:40pm.

Top athletes include:

  1. Inara Ukawuba (Oklahoma Cheetahs 8.72)

  2. Kayvon Nubine (Edmond Memorial 8.73)

  3. Payton Davis (Stroud High School 8.75)

  4. Lalia Ukawuba (Oklahoma Cheetahs 9.21)

  5. Hali Denton (Altus High School 9.22)

  6. Amaya Harrison (Union High School 9.36)

  7. Payton Brown (Broken Arrow 9.50)

  8. London Poindexter (Bixby High School 9.51)