Q&A: Douglas keeping Bombers sprint legacy strong

By Michael Kinney

Midwest City High had a long history of producing top-notch sprinters.

The newest addition to that group may be Howard Douglas. He is already familiar with being a champion after winning a 6A state title in the 100-meter dash as a sophomore.

But now, as a senior, Douglas wants more. He recently ran a 10.38 in the 100-meter dash to win the event at the Yukon Classic. In doing so, he beat many of the top sprinters in class 5A and 6A, including his MWC teammate Kevin James, who ran a 10.46. James came back to beat Douglas at the John Jacobs Invitational the very next week.

Douglas sat down with Oklahoma Mile Split to talk about running the fastest time in the state this year, what his goals are and why his toughest competition may be someone he sees every day.

Michael Kinney:        Mr. Douglas, first of all, talk about that 100-meter dash you won at the Yukon Classic. How do you think you performed?

Hoard Douglas:         I think I did pretty good. My blocks were a little messed up but another teammate named Kevin James pushed me to the finish. I was straining a little bit and I have a problem with my leg but I pushed through. I got to the line, I finished and then I was good overall.

Kinney:           To be able to win a meet like this against so much of the top talent in a pre-state type of preview, what does that mean to you?

Douglas:         Just to be humble, don't worry about nobody is in the other lane, always give good luck to everyone if not you'll get bad luck on your side. Other than that just be humble.

Kinney:           Coming into today just what was your mindset? What did you want to accomplish?

Douglas:         I want to run a 10:30, I have a 10:30 on my spikes on the bottom because I haven't run that since my sophomore year. I ran a 10:34 sophomore year,  but I didn't get the record. But today I ran a 10:38 so it feels good right now.

Kinney:           Do you think you can do better than that?

Douglas:         Yes sir. Once I get my blocks fully developed I think I can get a 10:34 again.

Kinney:           If you get that this year how special would that be for you?

Douglas:         It will better than the 10:38 and my goal is a 10:20 at least a 10:30 flat.  If I can stay in the 10:30s for the rest of the meets from now on I'll be very satisfied.

Kinney:           Winning another state championship, what would that mean for you?

Douglas:         Good. That would mean a two-time state champion, which is one of my other goals. I would love to be a two-time state since I didn't get to go to state in my junior year, so that would be good.

Kinney:           Obviously, you have a teammate (Kevin James) out there who is also putting up some pretty good numbers. What's the rivalry like for you two obviously going through practices and meets together?

Douglas:         It's pretty good. He pushes me at practice, I know he's going to push me off the blocks and I know he's going to push to the finish line. He just tenses up and I just go with him and then whoever finishes first finish is first. As long as it's one and two in 100 out of both of us, we'll be good.