ECU\'s Styles brothers interview

Kolin Styles, a sophomore at East Central University from Holliday, TX. In high school Kolin was a 4 time state qualifier in cross country earning all-state twice. In track placed he was 3rd in the 3200m his senior year. His high PR's are 2:03, 4:38, and 10:03. At ECU Kolin has finished 33rd in the 8k LSC Championships last season as a freshman. In track he ran a 16:08 in the 5k at one of the Oklahoma Christian indoor meets. This year in cross country he has placed 94th overall with a 27:47.4 at the Missouri Southern Stampede and 16th with a time of 26:27.00 at the OBU Invitational.

Koby Styles, a senior at East Central University from Holliday, TX. Koby was a 4 time state qualifier in cross country also earning all-state honors twice. Koby's high school PR's were 4:30 and 9:48 in track. Since being at ECU Styles has accomplished all-conference, all-region, and all-american honors in cross country. He helped the Tigers to a 11th team finish at the NCAA D2 Cross Country Championships. Last spring in track Koby ran a personal best in the 5k with a 14:55 at the UTA Open. This cross country year he has placed 10th overall with a time of 25:24 at the Missouris Southern Stampede. He is also the older brother of Kolin Styles.

Koby-What is it like having an older brother on the team?

Kolin – It is good and bad. Good because it's convenient, always have some one to talk to. Bad because once you have a good workout or race you hear it not only from the coach, but from you.

Kolin- What is it like having a younger brother on the team?

Koby – It is pretty good. It is always nice to have a good friend around. You always have a training partner. Even though you can't keep up. Also someone's got to keep you in line.

Koby-What is your training currently like?

Kolin – Right now I am the fittest I have ever been. I am consistently around 60 miles per week. I am feeling really good and strong.

Kolin-What about you?

Koby- That's weak! Just kidding! This season is going the way I it want to go. I am in great shape but it is still a long way to November. Patience is the key. I am consistently between 80-90miles a week depending on the week.

Koby- What are some of your goals for this year and the upcoming track season?

Kolin – I want to be consistently in the top 6 of our team and beat all of your times your sophomore year. Which I think won't be hard to do. I would like to run around 26:30 for the 8k and 32:40 for the 10k. In track I think I want to run a good steeple and get in some fast 5k's. The main goal in my mind is to help get the team back to Nationals again.

Koby- We won't bring up the steeplechase race you ran at UNT last spring and the water pit.

Koin- What are your goals?

Koby- All of the individual stuff is out the door. I was lucky enough to accomplish all-american honors last year in cross country. This year I am concentrating on a great team performance at all the big meets and nationals. Florida would be a great place to end my collegiate cross country career. This spring I will be going to graduate school. There I will run my last semester of track. I would love to run a 14:30 5k and a 3:50 1500m.

Koby- I know your going to be lonely and miss me when I graduate.
Kolin- Highly doubtful!

Koby- What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kolin- Right now I am majoring in Health, Physical Ed., and Recreation. My first option is to become a teacher/coach. I would want to coach xc and track. Then again you never know.

Kolin- You?

Koby- I'm never growing up! Period! I am going to go to graduate school to get involved in cardiac rehabilitation.

Kolin- What do you do for fun?

Koby- Honestly, I do absolutely nothing! I love doing nothing and being lazy. Well you know I just got a X-box 360. That takes up a lot of my free time. No one can hold me in NCAA 2007! I enjoy golf or anything that involves sports.

Kolin- That is pretty much the same thing I do. You might have NCAA 2007 but I got you on Call of Duty 2. Don't forget that we go to Braums about 3-4 times a week .

Koby-Yeah. Ok. We will see! No kidding they actually know us on a first name basis along with Jason Miranov. Ice cream = fast times. Write that down!

Koby- Any words of encouragement to any young runners out there?

Kolin- Train hard! Leave it all out there especially when "Quelo" is talking to you.

Koby- Tell them who "Quelo" is.

Kolin – "Quelo" is the little fat, lazy, coach potato living in your head that tells you; "you don't have to run today." "You can stop." "You don't have to finish this repeat." He is no fun!

Koby- Just be consistent guys and gals that is the key and have fun. These times are the greatest moments you will have. I love this sport.