Meet Information

75th Annual Cowboy JamboreeSaturday, October 1, 2011
Oldest Consecutive Cross Country race in the United States

High School and Junior high School Divisions
Hosted by Stillwater Running Club

Location: Oklahoma State Cross Country Course (3 blocks North of OSU Track; McElroy & Garfield)

Registration Deadline Wednesday 2:00 p.m., SEPTEMBER 28, 2011!!!
Register online by creating an account and enter your top (7) varsity (H.S./J.H.)
Also enter all your high school JV. Runners-trying to time the H.S. J.V this year.
or if problem with online- entries- you can e-mail the timing company at
Or race director e-mail at Stillwater High School :

Time Schedule & Division Races will start early if ahead of schedule
8:05 a.m. College races start
9:00 a.m. H.S/J.H. Coaches Meeting and Packet Pickup (last minute changes)
10:05 a.m. *J.V. Boys (Unlimited Runners H.S.)(9-10-11-12)
10:25 a.m. *J. V. Girls (Unlimited Runners H.S.)(9-10-11-12)
*Need to have a timing chip to run in the H.S. J.V. races.
10:40 a.m. 6A Varsity Boys 5000M (1-40) (7 Runners)
11:05 a.m. 4A-5A Varsity Boys 5000M (1-40) (7 Runners)
11:30 a.m. 6A Varsity Girls 3200M (1-40) (7 Runners)
11:45 a.m. 4A-5A Varsity Girls 3200M (1-40) (7 Runners)
12:00 p.m. A-3A-Varsity Boys 5000M (1-40) (7 Runners)
12:25 p.m. J.H. (6-7-8) Boys 3200M (1-40)(7 Runners per team)
12:40 p.m. A-3A Varsity Girls 3200m (1-40)(7 Runners)
12:55 p.m. J.H. varsity (6-7-8) Girls, 1600M (1-40) (7 Runners per team)
1:10 p.m. Open Open J.H. Race (1 Lap Girls and 2 Laps Boys)-unlimited
Open J.H. will Not need timing chip- coach will time own runners
* note only (7) runners in J.H. varsity race- can enter/pay two teams

Front and Back of Jamboree shirt (Very limited order this year).E-mail your sizes and number to pre-order shirts $18.00 and $20.00 if not pre-ordered.

Team Awards: Awards ceremony after results is posted at the award stand. Team trophies for 1st and 2nd place will be awarded for the varsity & junior high girls' races. We will be giving out 16 team trophies (Special Horseshoe Pistol Pete trophy designed by a local artist) must have enter online VARSITY & JUNIOR HIGH (top 7) NAMES BY SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 2:00 p.m. to enter in the varsity or junior high varsity races.

Individual Awards: OSU Pistol Pete special design cast medals to top 40 in each of the 12 varsity races.(Total 370 medals)
Bus Parking:
We should have plenty of parking- no OSU football this year.

Entry Fees: $ 80.00 per each gender varsity team (can enter more than one varsity team in each race/$80.00 each girl & boy team to enter). $ 60.00 boys junior high and $ 60.00 girls junior high. $ 15.00 for individual runner (less than 5 high schools & less than 4 junior high).This year timing Junior Varity high school races and will be a charge to cover timing cost: Cost is $30 per team -- up to 20 participants included. $2.00 for each additional team member. 3 or less on a team, fee is $10 per participant: To Stillwater Running Club. Or Stillwater Athletics

Entry Deadline: The top (7) high school,(7)junior high varsity and (unlimited)high school junior varsity entries must be entry online by Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2:00 run in the chip timing races.. We will enter first and last name into the computer. Your entry fee must be paid before your team can race or contact the Race Director prior to the Jamboree to indicate payment. If you cant pay entry fee ahead of time, please bring a COPY of the P.O. or fax a copy. Last year collected the last entry fee (6) months after the meet. If have problem paying the entry fee or the new J.V. entry fee- Please e-mail the race director.
Mail Entries
Dan Zeroski
Stillwater High School
1224 North Husband
Stillwater, Ok 74075

Course Record:
H.S.Girls-Chelsey Sveinsson, 10:31Greenhill-Dallas, Texas 2009
J.H-Girls-Rebekah Topham 5:19,Wakonda, Iowa 2009
Boys- Kevin Schwab 15:35, Mustang 2006
J. H. Boys- Jonathan Harris, 10:31, Cent. State 2004

School A.D. Phone: (405) 533-6338
Fax: (405) 533-6488
Dan Zeroski, Head CC Coach
Cell Phone 405-338-1001

Questions:please use e-mail
E-mail for questions on meet

Can enter online:

Questions on online enter to:

HOTEL: Stillwater Plaza Hotel and Conference Center 405-377-7010 ($65.00 for a double room)
Motel 6 405-624-0433
La Quinta Inn-405-564-0599
Quality Inn 405-372-0800
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce409 S. Main StreetP.O. Box 1687Stillwater, OK 74076-1687 (405) 372-5573 / (800) 593-5573(405) 372-4316 (fax)

2011 Additional: *The results will be posted on the Internet at the following : or on timing company website first:
Timing all runners this year except Junior High-Junior Varsity runners- trying to time Junior Varsity high school this year and will include Junior Varsity Junior High next year.
Scoring the Junior High Races (7 only runners per team-very important)
*Refreshment stand (hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza this year)
*Shirt stand (The 2 color front and 2 color back shirt design by Eskimo Joes-special design for 75th year)
OSU Jamboree Shirt Sale (Please Pre-Order-Sept 23) H.S./J.H. teams have the first shot at the shirts only-(design on website)- $18.00 for pre- order shirts (pay the day of the meet to: Stillwater Running Club and $20.00 the day of the meet (non pre-order).Run out each year.
*Award Ceremony 30 minutes after each race for team trophies & top 40 runners
*Top 50 Times on Course Updated each Meet
*OSU Merchandise: OSU Sweatshirts and OSU T-shirts
*No OSU Football game this year.
*No Club Teams this year.
Pasta Dinner at Sunnybrook Christian Church by Eskimo Joes Italian restaurant Joseppis
Can pick-up packets and pre-order shirts at the course or pasta dinner the night before.

Updated Jamboree information on 8-25-11