Missing Meets from your MileSplit Athlete Profile?

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If the results of your meet were published in an incompatible format (PDFs, JPEGS, etc) and want to have your team's performances or your athlete profile updated, you can submit results using the spreadsheet in the article below. 

Add Results onto MileSplit Document

Important Notes

  • Before manually entering results into the spreadsheet, please reach out to the timer and director to post.
  • Results will only be added if they're complete. Single events, single teams or performances will not be added.
  • If the meet was timed electronically, please attach the original meet results as well for verification.
  • First name, last name, full team name, and mark are required. We don't add initials or abbreviations.
  • Please add the location and the name of the meet at the top of the attachment.
  • Do not add tabs onto the spreadsheet. Post every event underneath the one that came before it.
  • If the format does not follow the spreadsheet exactly, it will not be posted.
  • Once you have finished adding every event in the spreadsheet, use the instructions in the article to post if you were the meet host/timer.
  • If you were the meet host or timer, click here and select the article that applies to your meet and follow directions to post results. 
  • If you were not the meet host or timer and copied results to the CSV in the article, click here to send it to us.